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Liz Salmond Student Excellence Showcase Carroll Community College

Course: Earth and Space Science, GEOSC-100
Dr. Michael O’Neal
Assignment Title:
Historic Shoreline Changes in the Mid-Atlantic Region and their Effects on Business and Society

Student Excellence Liz Salmond Carroll Community College

Assignment Details

In my project, Historic Shoreline Changes in the Mid-Atlantic Region and their Effects on Business and Society, I challenged myself to literally “dive deeper” into my already previous knowledge of what I had pre-determined sea level rise to entail. In doing this, I created a large topic to discuss until narrowing down to how sea level rise directly affects businesses and societies surrounding Mid-Atlantic shorelines. I discussed the ever-long history of sea level rise around Mid-Atlantic region, explaining the timelines and eras in which very important physical changes happened, when the last Ice Age took place, and other factors which caused the fluctuation of sea level to rise or drop hundreds of feet over time. Most importantly, I researched Maryland’s shoreline history and was able to understand the change in my very own state’s shoreline. Did you know that a storm created an inlet in between what we know to be Ocean City, Maryland and Assateague Island? Details and information that I discovered throughout the project helped me to understand my own state’s history. 


In the information and research gathered throughout the project, I have been able to apply the knowledge to my everyday life. I enjoy being able to grasp and explain in simpler terms what sea level rise/change entails to the people in my life and how it effects our society. Moreover, I have been able to apply this project to my academic pathway of Business Administration, and the effects that sea level change has on society and businesses surrounding our shores.


Sea level rise is never constant, however, from this project, I have discovered that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has predicted the outcome of sea level rise in Annapolis, Maryland. Scientists of the NOAA have predicted that as much as 6 inches of sea level rise could happen in the next 13 years in Annapolis, Maryland. This is important to note as Annapolis is heavily relied on for the shipping industry. Personal businesses both short and long-term will be affected by the rise of sea levels as well as any sort of life in the Chesapeake Bay being affected. The change in sea level of 6 inches over the span of 13 years would not provide adequate time for life to adapt and respond. This includes as far inland as it does outland, meaning our marshes that house wildlife, the physical environment of the Mid-Atlantic Region, and so on. This has already seen to take place as glaciers at our poles melt and cause shelving of sedimentation. I am incredibly proud to have tackled a huge topic and come out with an understanding of if sea-level continues at a constant rate, we will see affects in our very own lifetime. 

Challenges and Successes

A challenge that was made prominent during my project, that I was able to overcome, was the narrowing of the topic of how sea-level rise affects society in specifically Maryland and apply this project to my degree of Business Administration. When you think about sea-level change, where do you think about first? Do you think about the Western or Eastern coast in the United States? Do you look at other countries that have experienced similar concerns? It is such a broad topic to consider, but mostly important to people who live in Maryland to help spread awareness of sea-level rise in our own state.