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Course: College Success for Honors, HONOR-101
Dr. Jody Nusholtz
Assignment Title:

Peter Oskam Carroll Community College
Peter Oskam Carroll Community College

Assignment Details

Oskam Carroll Community College

This project was simply a means of putting everything we learned in the class together, from attributes of personality to values to ways we can improve on ourselves. In the beginning of class, we identified our habits and who we are as people, and used them to learn about how our values synergized with our personality. As a result, the project was a way of expressing who we are as people and how our actions define our own values. Peteration was a way of expressing my values and personality through symbolism, where the objects placed in the game board represented a belief, value, or personality trait through the use of the object and the part of my body where it was placed. While the game itself served not as much significance as the placed objects, it did represent creativity in of itself, as it inspired me to create the creativity object and corresponding card and object. Overall, the game board helped me learn about myself and who I want to be going into the future through values and personalities.


This assignment has helped me learn mostly about myself and how I process real information in the real world. In order to properly complete the assignment, I was required to determine what my core values in life are and how I let them guide my lifestyle. I addition, I could let my personality type contribute to the project as well, as the attributes of these personalities were determined by the Myers & Briggs Foundation. By using this information in my project, it has actually allowed me to learn who I am as a person and what my values are and required me to think about how I utilize these in my everyday life. I now understand exactly what I value in myself, my relationships, and my actions and I can apply these and understand how my personality is linked with these values. Overall understanding myself is a key aspect of figuring out how I want to approach my career and the rest of my educational experience. In this way, the information I have learned in this project will help me plan and determine my future in the world.


Overall, I learned many things about my personality and values. In terms of personality, I determined my letters, according to the Myers and Briggs Foundation, are I, N, T, and P.

I Stands for introversion, where I tend to think and keep thoughts to myself before voicing them. N stands for Intuition, or the way information is received, where I tend to receive information in pattern-based ways. T stands for thinking, where I tend to make decisions that are based logically as opposed to feelings. Finally, P stands for Perceiving, where I make plans and take on the world as it comes as opposed to making a plan for everything. These are not what define my personality, but I tend to lean towards these traits when interacting with the world.

Values were also learned as a result of this project. I realized that I value Hard Work, Creativity, Dependability, Wisdom, and Friendship while doing this project. Some of these values, such as creativity, I had never even considered before this project.

Challenges and Successes

Oskam Carroll Community College

The largest challenge of the entire project was the simple task of figuring out what to do for the project. The instructions were to ”create a project that reflects your values and personality.” This is simple, but it quite literally meant that we could do anything for this project. I struggled to come up with something that accurately reflected my personality and values, all while looking as if I put real effort into the project. Eventually after juggling ideas for a whole week, I felt that the best way to express myself was through objects that I felt represented me, but I wanted to add something more creative. Thus, by assigning these objects to different parts of my body, the idea for the Peteration game board was born.