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Course: Elementary French 2, FREN-102
Denise Ehlers
Assignment Title:
French Signature Assignment

Assignment Details

My assignment was intended to invite reflection and integration of the material I learned in the class. Because our class was focused on the French language and the culture of the Francophones, I incorporated how the language affected me and how I intend to utilize it in the future to further my learning goals.


As a journalism major, it’s important to experience culture in a multitude of ways. I used the perspective of language to explore the different ways in which we view the world and the people living in it. In a practical sense, language can cross barriers and create bridges between culture in order to better understand the human experience.


I learned about the connection between culture and language and how to use it as a tool to communicate ideas across cultures.

Challenges and Successes

It was challenging to articulate such an abstraction of language into concrete terms and skills that I learned. It’s such a gift, a skill, and a virtue to be able to speak and communicate in different languages. It’s something that is experience and can be hard to explain.