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Kids at Camp Carroll Community College

Think of summer camp as an investment in a child’s future, where kids build self-confidence, develop independence and learn to collaborate with others in an inspiring setting. The short-term and long-term benefits of quality summer camps are well worth the cost.

But what makes a great summer camp? Here are some tips to you help you decide:

Tip #1: A summer camp should offer a wide variety of camps to cater to diverse interests.

Summer camps should present a range of programs so your child may explore their own personal interests—be it learning about nature, nurturing their artistic side or practicing valuable life skills—that will in turn keep them interested in learning.

Tip #2: Look for learning opportunities that your child is unfamiliar with.

Kids become better able to adapt to change when their minds and spirits are regularly challenged with new activities and fresh perspectives, encouraging them to step outside their comfort zone.

Tip #3: It should be a place where your child can make new friends.

Summer camp is an excellent venue for your kids to improve their communication skills and expand their social circle beyond the friends they already have.

Tip #4: Looks for a summer camp that gives your child the chance to develop skills in science, technology, engineering and math.

Living in a rapidly changing world, parents should consider looking for summer camps where kids can get hands-on experience in such stimulating and relevant STEM subjects as computer programming, digital media and robotics.

Tip #5: Make sure camps are staffed with caring, highly qualified personnel.

Camp staff should be experienced teachers and/or possess real-world knowledge in the topic they are teaching. Programs created by experts in their subject matter ensure that your child is receiving a first-rate learning experience. A summer camp ideally should also boast small class sizes, allowing for more personalized attention from instructors.

Tip #6: It should offer operating hours that best fit your work schedule.

Parents should also take into account their daily family obligations when deciding on a summer camp (e.g., if your kid is on a sports team that practices over the summer). Also find out if the camp offers before and after care. Sending your kid to camp should be a freeing—not frustrating—experience for you!

Tip #7: A summer camp should prioritize your child’s safety and security.

Verify that the camp complies with all licensure requirements of your state’s Department of Health. It should also provide security plans and personnel, and safe shelter in case of extreme weather.

Applying these tips will help you pick a summer camp that’s best for your child—and for you!

Cool Camps for Kids!

With almost 200 half- and full-day programs to choose from, Kids@Carroll + Teen College camps have engaged thousands of children in fun hands-on activities and innovative learning opportunities.