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Board of Elections DiSC Carroll Community College

The Carroll County Board of Elections reached out to Business Solutions to conduct a staff teambuilding event using the powerful Everything DiSC® assessment tool.

The Client:

The Carroll County Board of Elections (BOE) is a local government agency whose mission is to provide an election procedure that accommodates all eligible citizens of Carroll County. They partner with the State Board of Elections and Federal, State and County governments to ensure that all election laws and regulations are followed in a non-partisan manner and to administer fair, equal, accessible, safe and secure elections for the voters of Carroll County.

The Challenge:

The 10-member Carroll County BOE, in an effort to improve team interaction, participated in a personalized learning experience leveraging the Everything DiSC® instrument. Recognizing the changing composition of their team, they engaged Business Solutions to better grasp how they interpret information, understand one other’s personalities, and identify management and working styles.

The DiSC (Dominance, influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness) tool is a measure of interpersonal behavior often used in workplace settings. It can be used to enhance employees’ understanding of their individual strengths, as well as the way(s) they like to work, in order to help them work better as a team.

The Results:

When the BOE team discussed the results of their DiSC assessment, they were able to more clearly identify one another’s strengths, areas for development, communication styles and conflict resolution preferences. Workshop discussions and exercises have since enabled them to be better able to “take a breath, step back and remember how each one of them processes information” and how they work best as a team during busy election operations.

If you have new staff, or if you want to strengthen team interactions, I highly recommend using Business Solutions. Their DiSC assessments and personalized workshops help team members understand why someone acts a certain way as well as why people complete tasks differently. This can help hash out some of the misunderstandings between colleagues and bring a team together.

Erin Perrone Acting Election Director
Carroll County Board of Elections

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