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By the Bay Botanicals

Many new small businesses have opened along Main Street in Westminster, bringing more tourism and vibrancy to the town. Michelle Sholound has witnessed this revitalization first hand with the opening of her local gift shop, By the Bay Botanicals. “There’s a real hometown feel in Westminster. The community has been incredibly supportive of local businesses.”

By the Bay Botanicals, located in the center of downtown Westminster, offers a wide-ranging selection of palm wax candles and unique gifts. The quaint gift shop evokes the nostalgic times when Main Street was the heart of the community, something Sholound aimed for. “I’ve always wanted a main street business, a community-oriented spot, “says Sholound. “That place in town where you can hang out.”

Local business resources like The Miller Center for Small Business, the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce and Carroll County Economic Development have been key in Sholound’s success with By the Bay Botanicals. “I couldn’t have done it without their help,” says Sholound. “They have provided me with essential advice about not just opening my doors, but keeping them open.” 

Her advice for local entrepreneurs looking to get their business up and running: “Be open-minded and find the right resources. Many of these resources are free and people don’t realize that. Carroll County has it together when it comes to setting up and supporting small businesses.”