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Hannah Neuenhoff: Carroll Student Graduates with Engineering Degree


Nineteen-year-old Carroll student Hannah Neuenhoff says she has a passion for all things STEM. No wonder then she graduated with an Associate of Arts—Arts and Sciences degree, with a focus on Engineering. She plans to transfer to the University of Maryland, Clark School of Engineering.

“Carroll has given me the opportunity to evolve as a student and really demonstrate what I am capable of,” said Neuenhoff.

While studying a STEM field presented its challenges, the rewards have been worth all of the effort. “Sometimes I encountered concepts that were confusing to me,” she said. “Every professor I had was ready and willing to take the time, whether it was during office hours or after class, to explain concepts that were unclear. On some occasions, instructors who had never even met me in their classes explained complex problems. The impact on me of this first-class attention will be long-lasting!”

As a member of the STEM Club and Math Team, Neuenhoff found time in between exams and homework to meet people with similar interests. She was also a SMART Scholar at the College, which provided her with undergraduate research experience working on a STEM project.

Carroll has given me the opportunity to evolve as a student and really demonstrate what I am capable of.

“Initially, I chose Carroll in part because it is affordable,” she said. “There is no doubt that I am also graduating with a high-quality, superb education that parallels the quality of a degree from any other institution.”

Maria Burness, Division Chair of Mathematics and Engineering, said: “It has been wonderful to see Hannah grow as a student while she has been at Carroll. I know she will excel academically after she transfers and will go on to have a rewarding career.”