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David Strope Portrait

Nineteen-year-old mathematics major David Strope was unsure what he wanted to do after high school. In fact, choosing to go to college was somewhat of an experiment for him. As it turned out, attending Carroll Community College has been his defining moment because now he has a clear vision of what he wants to study.

“I plan on using my mathematics degree to get into the cybersecurity field and maybe work for a private company as a contractor,” said Strope. “Mathematics majors tend to stand out more than the standard computer science degrees and that is why I chose mathematics instead of computer science.”

The Mt. Airy resident says Carroll helped him get to where he is today. More than a source of quality higher education, Carroll has shaped him as a person, the college experience helping him out of his shell. Strope has joined the Student Government Organization as a member. He even attended an adventure park retreat where he learned to navigate a course with hanging ropes, bolstering his confidence in the process.

Strope credits college faculty members for encouraging him to get the best grades possible. “In many of my classes, I find that instructors are extremely responsive to student needs. They certainly have helped me academically and personally.”

I find that instructors are extremely responsive to student needs.

“I initially chose Carroll because I wanted to save money and reduce the amount of debt I would have after college,” said Strope. “However, all the wonderful experiences I’ve had through Student Life and the Hill Scholars program have made my education at Carroll much better than I expected it would be. Everyone who works at Carroll is extremely nice and knows exactly how to help students become the best they can be.”

“David’s story is the epitome of success while attending a community college,” said Heather Diehl, coordinator of Experiential Learning and Student Organizations at Carroll. “His shy and quiet nature might have made it difficult for him to make an impact at another institution. At Carroll, he was able to create personal relationships with faculty and staff, build his confidence as a leader, and be voted into one of the most prestigious student organization positions on campus by his fellow students.”

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