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Tiombe Paige always dreamed of making her living in Carroll County. After taking classes through Miller: Resources for Entrepreneurs at Carroll Community College, she learned the skills and gained the confidence to open her Westminster-based business called Cultivated in October 2015.

Cultivated is an eclectic mix of decor, apparel and gifts. Designer jeans, trendy jewelry and home curio items abound. Repurposed vintage furniture and art prints fill the space. Organic bath and body products are available for both men and women. Cultivated creates a highly-curated shopping experience, according to Paige.

The Westminster native, who has resided in Carroll County for 25 years, had always wanted to establish a business in the county, and hopes that other aspiring entrepreneurs may want to emulate her. “Instead of getting an education and then departing to somewhere else, maybe they would consider opening a business in Carroll County,” said Paige. “To be able to obtain an education at Carroll Community College and then set up business (in the county) says ‘thank you’ to teachers and to mentors for their inspiration.”

“There is an entrepreneurial spirit at Carroll Community College,” continued Paige. “Miller: Resources for Entrepreneurs offered several week-long business classes that were life-changing for me. I was able to ask every question that came to my mind about start-ups, accounting, marketing, daily operations and hiring employees.”

Paige is grateful that Carroll Community College helped her get her start right here in Carroll County. “Our downtowns are often the heartbeat of a community,” said Paige. “When you can help a retro arcade or a small deli or a soap & scents shop succeed, it does something for the community… I do not think we need to look outside of the county to get what we need to grow our downtown. All of the talent and hard work ethic is already here, and this is being supported by Carroll Community College.”