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Marlene Pierce: Carroll Grad Fulfills Dream of Becoming a Nurse

Marlene Pierce Portrait

Marlene Pierce’s student story is an inspiring example of how returning to college can make long-held dreams become reality.

The 56-year-old graduate of the Nursing program at Carroll will soon be graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from Frostburg College this May. Likewise, her daughter—who also graduated from Carroll—will graduate from the Nursing program at Frostburg. They will cross the same Commencement stage on the same day, solidifying their futures as compassionate caregivers in the health care profession.

Pierce is a career changer who asserts that an associate degree from Carroll literally changed her life. “Whether you have a dream coming into the doors to Carroll, or have a dream when you leave,” she said, “Carroll provides all the necessary support for every student, even those later in life, to succeed.”

Don’t let anyone ever tell you that the community college education is ‘less than’ excellent. It is more than you could ever hope for!

“When I started my Nursing program journey, it made sense financially to attend Carroll. I received a quality education at an affordable price.” Pierce found that Carroll’s faculty are truly committed to the success of their students, their teaching practices helping all types of learners.

Currently working as a hospice RN at Gilchrist, a subsidiary of GBMC, Pierce credits Carroll with giving her an education that serves her well in the clinical setting where she faces real-world situations. “Carroll gave me a well-rounded education from experienced instructors who spent many years working in the clinical setting. Their diversity of experiences helped me to prepare for working as an RN.”

“Don’t let anyone ever tell you that the community college education is less than excellent,” Pierce said. “It is more than you could ever hope for!”

Associate-to-Bachelor’s Nursing Track

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