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A combination of students, faculty, staff and the community submitted a total of 339 unique suggestions for the Carroll Community College mascot. While the Lynx ultimately prevailed, there were many great candidates that did not make the cut.

Here Are a Few of the More Creative Choices Suggested:

#1 Blobfish

Undeniably adorable. Not indigenous to Carroll County.

#2 CarrollDactyl

A fictional creature that, unfortunately, will not become a flailing, shrieking dude in a prehistoric bird costume cheering on Carroll’s teams. 

#3 Corndog

Eliminated due to concerns that person in mascot costume would be at risk of being devoured.

#4 Cyborg 

This suggestion was terminated. It’ll (not) be back.

#5 Ghoul/Goblin/Ghost/Zombie/Headless Horsemen

Opposed by the Santa/Rudolph/Grinch/Elf/Krampus delegation.

#6 Mutant Bog Turtle

Much like the animal pictured above, but mutated.

#7 Snallygaster

The last specimen of this legendary half-bird/half-reptile creature (with a mouth full of tentacles) perished in the woodlands of Carroll County in 1932 by drowning in a vat of moonshine. Snally will rise again! (But not as our mascot.)

#8 Screaming Goat

This could have been the sound(s) of Carroll.

#9 Yeti/Sasquatch/Cro-Magnon/Sykesville Monster

Basically, huge hairy people with poor social skills and dining etiquette. Carrollians are better than that.

Making of a Mascot

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