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Stonehouse Cakery and Cafe

“Sometimes when life is hard, we become our best selves.” Lois Trout, owner of Stonehouse Cakery and Café, took this wisdom to heart when she came upon the idea to open her charming bakery. “I was laid off and couldn’t find a job,” she reflected. “I could sit around and boohoo, or I could do something positive with my life. And that is what I did. That’s why we’re here.”

Stonehouse Cakery and Café, located in Taneytown, provides the community with cakes and cupcakes that are as delicious as they are beautiful. Trout greatly enjoys being a local business in a small town. “Being able to connect with people – the people who work with me, the customers and the community –  is the most rewarding part. Making a difference in the community, to me, is exciting.”

Local business resources like The Miller Center for Small Business, the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce, Carroll Business Path, and Carroll County Economic Development have been vital in Trout’s success with Stonehouse Cakery and Café. “People can be close to succeeding without even realizing it,” Trout reflected. “Dream big!”