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Our Brand

We established these standards to enable us to maintain a congruous and credible identity across all communications and audiences. It is important for Carroll Community College, in all of its communications and marketing materials, to present an identity that is consistent with the mission of the College and the high quality of its students, faculty, staff, programs and facilities. The way we portray ourselves determines the way we are perceived.


Carroll Community College provides accessible, high-quality educational opportunities to advance careers, enrich lives, and strengthen the community we serve.

Empowering Learners

Changing Lives

Building Community

Our Vision

Carroll is our community’s first choice for learning.

Our Values

At Carroll Community College, we demonstrate the following values in all we do:

Carroll is the community’s college, and building community is highlighted in its mission statement. Through associate degree programs, career education, support for entrepreneurs, corporate training, kids’ summer camps, adult personal enrichment, cultural events, athletics, and its many partnerships with community and governmental organizations, the College is dedicated to enriching the community it serves.

The College is a good steward of the public’s trust and is transparent and accountable in all it does. It assesses its mission accomplishment through benchmarked institutional effectiveness measures, national and state peer comparisons, and regular program reviews. Student learning outcomes are continuously assessed and curricula revised
to ensure the highest quality educational experience for students. Assessment data
are regularly shared with the College’s governing board, the County government,
and the public.

Carroll Community College is an organization that values, recognizes, and rewards just, humane, honest, and respectful human interaction; ethical and truthful representation of the college to students and the community; positive and collaborative problem-solving; and solutions-oriented action. Carroll fosters engagement and a sense of belonging by providing a safe learning and working environment that models respect, acceptance, inclusion, and empathy towards diverse ways of thinking and being.

Inscribed within the Seal of Carroll Community College are three ideals of an
educated person: “Knowledge, Truth and Wisdom.” To inspire these ideals, the
College encourages students and employees to reflect on their learning and
personal experiences to build knowledge, distinguish truth and develop wisdom.

Carroll strives to provide an affordable education accessible to all who can
benefit from its offerings, with transitional education to prepare students for
college work and flexible learning options including online and evening classes
to fit our students’ busy lives.

The words “Enter to Learn” are chiseled above the College’s main entrance,
heralding its primary and defining mission. The phrase is also emblematic of
Carroll’s institutional culture of organizational learning and continuous improvement.

Carroll challenges its students and employees to take responsibility for and
control of their lives and become engaged citizens and leaders in their chosen
careers. Similarly, the College embraces the challenge of being a thought leader
in the community it serves.

Sample Marketing Messages

Higher Ed, Lower Cost: The money you save in tuition going to Carroll for 2 years could pay for your junior year at your 4-year school.

Carroll has more than $300,000 in available need-and merit-based scholarships.

Carroll gets personal: smaller class sizes mean more personalized attention and dedicated academic advisors mean more personalized guidance.

Carroll credits are fully transferrable to a wide number of partner schools, many of which offer scholarships to transfer students.

Carroll graduates are guaranteed admission to ALL Maryland public 4-year schools.

Flexibility to fit your schedule: Carroll provides a variety of course formats including in-person, online (synchronous &asynchronous) and hybrid options.

Job training: In as little as 2 months, you can train for an in-demand career in a skilled trade.

Carroll offers lots of fun and exciting activities to get involved in, from student clubs to sports. You can also enjoy plays, concerts and art exhibits on campus.

Voted #1 Community College in Maryland

Called “The Jewel of Carroll County”


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