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Turning Hopes and Dreams into Reality: A Campaign Honoring the Legacy of Dr. James Ball

Legacy Campaign Hero Image Carroll Community College

Turning Hopes and Dreams Into Reality

Why a Campaign?

Carroll Community College (Carroll) is committed to turning the hopes and dreams of our students and the communities we serve into reality. Our longtime president, Dr. James Ball, has been doing just that during his 25-year career at Carroll. 

To celebrate Dr. Ball’s legacy and ensure the College is in the best position to continue meeting the needs of our students and community, we are launching Turning Hopes and Dreams into Reality: A Campaign Honoring the Legacy of Dr. James Ball to add an exclamation point on Dr. Ball’s already extraordinary career.

Dr. Ball’s Priorities

Expanding our Athletics Program

Athletics Program Goal Carroll Community College
  • Build a multi-purpose athletics complex to include a turf field complete with lighting, bleacher seating, and a ¼ mile track with an NJCAA-approved running surface that attracts and serves the growing number of Carroll Community College student-athletes and youth athletic programs in the County.
  • This investment enables us to expand our current program, increase student enrollment by bringing more students to Carroll, and further build campus and community spirit.

Galvanizing Workforce Programs & Scholarships

Workforce Programs and Scholarships Carroll Community College
  • Provide much-needed seed money that allows the College to respond quickly to the creation and enhancement of skilled trade jobs and workforce programs in fast-growing industries.
  • Workforce-specific scholarships enable students to enroll in new licensure and certification programs, leading to advanced career opportunities and an enhanced quality of life.
  • This initiative promotes economic growth and provides support to local industries.

Additional Urgent Priorities

Supporting Student Success 

Supporting Student Success Goals Carroll Community College

Bolstering our scholarship endowments to ensure Carroll can continue to provide accessible, affordable, and quality higher learning opportunities for generations to come.  Through our scholarship programs we can remove the financial barriers that frequently keep students from turning their dreams into reality.

  • The STEM Scholars Endowment provides scholarships to STEM degree-seeking students accepted into the STEM Scholars cohort program.
  • The Pappalardo Honors Program Endowment provides support for a cohort of full-time students offering enriched learning experiences focused on leadership.
  • Through Carroll’s Committed Scholar Athlete Scholarship, we support student-athletes with strong academic skills looking to continue their pursuits on the field and in the classroom.
  • The Lynx Scholars Endowment is an exclusive independent-study honors program catering to full and part-time students.

Fostering an Environment for Academic Excellence

Academic Excellence Goal Carroll Community College

Investing in our programs is an investment in both our current and future students.  Our programs require continual evaluation and enrichment to ensure a quality education and experience for our students and in turn our community.

  • Establishing an endowed professorship and continuing investment in our Nursing and Allied Health Program will help us to provide resources that equip our nursing faculty and students with state-of-the-art learning tools, recruit specialized faculty, and prepare our nursing and healthcare professionals for competitive opportunities.
  • The Theatre program leads to higher academic achievement for students and the theater’s impact extends into our community.  Our current program is strong but there are identified Theater Enhancements required to meet safety and professionalism standards for our students and community.
  • Equipping our students and educators with the most up-to-date technology paving the way for innovative teaching, collaborative thinking, and expanded learning opportunities. Investing in Instructional Technology will improve the college-wide infrastructure, offer students job training, and support the Cybersecurity and Digital Design & Fabrication departments.  Support of this critical area is currently matched 1:1 through a partnership with the Carroll County Commissioners.

Strengthening the Impact of Annual Giving

Annual Giving Goal Carroll Community College
  • The annual giving program allows donors to make an immediate impact by contributing to the College’s most urgent priorities.
  • Annual giving provides valuable resources to fund scholarships, high-priority programmatic needs, emergency, and unanticipated requests.

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Turning Hopes & Dreams into Reality: A Campaign Celebrating Dr. Ball’s Legacy