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Exercise Science Concentration, Frequently Asked Questions

By using ARTSYS (, students can best plan the necessary courses that will transfer to a baccalaureate degree-granting institution.

  • For Exercise Science transfer: HES-100, HES-110, HES-200, HIT-111, HLTH-210, MATH-115, PSYC-101, COMM-105, and SOC-101.
  • For Nutritional Science transfer: BIOL-215, BIOL-220 or HLTH-210, CHEM-105, CHEM-106, CHEM-201.
  • For Athletic Training transfer: CHEM-101 or CHEM-105, HES-100, HES-110, PHYS-101 and DVTY-115, HLTH-120 or HLTH-201.
  • For Pre-Physical Therapy transfer: CHEM-101 or CHEM-105, HES-100, HES-110, PHYS-101 and PSYC-201.
  • For Doctor of Physical Therapy, refer to the American Physical Therapy Association’s prerequisite science course recommendations for DPT schools at

Credit may be granted for a current industry-recognized certification. For details about program admission requirements, see Admissions Info.


The Financial Aid Office assists eligible students with meeting their college expenses. Financial assistance is provided through scholarships, grants and employment opportunities.