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Campus Alert

Carroll Community College (Carroll) proudly announces its spring music events that are free and open to the public.

Two-part Music Business/Industry Workshop Series – Presented by The Cadence Labs:

Workshop 1 – Booking Tours & Making Money from Shows
Date:  Thursday, April 25
Time:  6:00 p.m.
Location:  PNC Rehearsal Hall – Room T404
Cost:  FREE

For many musicians, playing a live show is the bread and butter of music. It’s where you make fans and meet supporters. At this free workshop, we will review how to book your own shows (whether they are single or a tour) and how to ensure that you have everything in place to not only gain fans but make money at every show. We’ll be exploring marketing tactics both on and off social media. Whether you are playing in your hometown or somewhere brand new, there are approaches that can make your promotion approach successful. 

Workshop 2 – How to Run a Successful Album Release
Date:  Thursday, May 2
Time:  6:00 p.m.
Location:  PNC Rehearsal Hall – Room T404
Cost:  FREE

As a musician, your discography is like a biography for your art. It represents tangible milestones along your journey as an original musician. And just because we live in a streaming world doesn’t mean that albums are dead. At this free workshop, we’re going to look at effective ways to ensure that your album release is a success. It all starts with defining what success means to you. Is it making money? Focusing on fans? A balance of both? We are going to look at why albums are still viable products for musicians and how we can make money off of them still.

Athena Hiotis is an entrepreneur, musician, author, and a lover of video games. She is the President/CEO of PopRiot Music Group; co-founder of The Cadence Labs; and a member of two indie rock bands, Prism Waves and Circuit Villains.

Athena has always believed that when an idea is nurtured with a balance of business-oriented and creative approaches, it yields the best results on a professional and artistic level. That balance has taught her how to take big, calculated risks while staying true to her art and how to not only dream big, but TRY big.

She started her label, PopRiot Music Group in 2012 and in 2023 launched her online music industry course hub, The Cadence Labs which focuses on teaching musicians how to turn their music into a profitable business without compromising on the integrity of their art. In 2024, she will officially be releasing her first book, “A Link to Success: What the Legend of Zelda Teaches Us About Being Successful Entrepreneurs.”

Her heart is devoted to cats, sushi, the movie “Aliens”, video games, and the Spice Girls. 

Faculty Voice Concert – Alexandra Johannsen Voice Recital: Evolution of Song
Date:  Wednesday, May 1
Time:  7:00 p.m.
Location:  Theater in the Scott Center
Cost:  FREE
This program features an exciting variety of classical music works, representing key developments throughout the early evolution and diversification of the genre. From Classical oratorio to Romantic German lieder, comic operetta to flowery French mélodie, there is something for everyone in this classical music “tasting menu”. Works by Handel, Mozart, Brahms, Donizetti, Strauss, Faure and more.

Alexandra Johannsen is a Baltimore-based soprano and voice coach. She holds a B.M. in classical voice performance from Towson University where she also studied jazz/contemporary styles. She sings as a cantor and soloist with St John the Evangelist Church, and recently performed as a chorister in a production of Die Fledermaus with Victorian Lyric Opera Company. In the past, she has been cast in operatic roles, most notably, Hermia in Michael Ching’s Midsummer Night’s Dream and Charlene in John De Los Santos’ Service Provider. She is an adjunct professor at Carroll County Community College as well as a private voice and piano teacher. Also a registered yoga instructor, her thorough understanding of the physical body and its influence on the vocal mechanism helps to optimize posture, breathing, and expressive nuance in her performance. Alexandra teaches that healthy, classically-informed vocal technique is an essential foundation for all styles of singing, and enjoys working with all kinds of singers to help them develop their abilities and expand on their musical passions.