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Fall 2022  Final Exam Schedule

Saturday, December 10 through Friday, December 16

Look for the column that shows the first day of the week your class (lecture) usually meets (example:  Tuesday for a Tuesday / Thursday class). Then, look in the left-hand column for the time when your class (lecture) normally begins. Now, find where the day and time intersect. The exam information will tell you the day (M, T, W, Th, F) when the exam takes place during final exam week.  It also tells you when the two-hour examination begins. All examinations are held in the regular classroom. Saturday course exams are held in the regular classrooms.

Class begins Monday 12/12 Tuesday 12/13 Wednesday 12/14 Thursday 12/15 Friday 12/16
7:30am   T 8:00a      
8:00am M 8:00a T 8:00a      
9:00am M 10:15a T 10:15a      
9:30am M 10:15a T 10:15a W 8:00a TH 8:00a F 10:15a
10:00am W 10:15a T 10:15a      
10:30am W 10:15a        
11:00am M 12:30p TH 10:15a W 10:15a    
12:00pm M 12:30p T 12:30p      
12:30pm M 2:45p T 12:30p W 12:30p TH 12:30p  
1:00pm W 12:30p TH 2:45p   TH 2:45p  
1:30pm   TH 2:45p      
2:00pm W 2:45p TH 2:45p W 2:45p TH 2:45p  
2:30pm W 2:45p TH 2:45p      
3:00pm   T 2:45p      
3:30pm M 5:00p T 2:45p      
4:30pm   T 2:45p      
5:00pm W 5:00p T 5:00p      
5:30pm M 7:15p T 5:00p      
6:00pm M 7:15p T 7:15p      
6:30pm M 7:15p T 7:15p      
7:00pm M 7:15p T 7:15p   TH 7:15p