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Campus Alert

The college’s supported remote communication platform is Microsoft Teams.

More information and documentation on Microsoft Teams is located in Faculty Resources on Canvas.

MS Teams and Canvas Integration (New for Spring 2022)

There are new options to deploy MS Teams in your Canvas course. Instructors planning to use these options are asked to provide their students with meeting instructions.

The new options are:

  1. Setting up MS Teams Meetings inside a Canvas Course

    This option allows instructors to create a meeting “on the fly” or to schedule a set of meetings for their courses throughout the year.
  2. Setting up MS Teams Classroom inside a Canvas Course

    This option replaces the activation process for using the MS Teams course site (now called Classrooms) that was in place 2020 – 2021.

MS Teams Meetings in Canvas

Starting in February 2022, the option to use MS Teams Meetings is now available in every Canvas course.

This option will not create a MS Teams Site. This option only allows instructors to create meetings on the fly, either through the Rich Content Editor or as its own tab in the course navigation.

More information on MS Teams Meetings is located under Faculty Resources.

MS Teams Classrooms in Canvas

Also starting in February 2022, the option to create an MS Teams Classroom site is now available in every Canvas course. This method replaces the method of “Activating” course sites from 2020 and 2021.

This option creates a MS Teams site called a Classroom. Once activated, it will appear in an instructor’s list of Teams with the course name as listed in Canvas (ex. 2022_SP_HIST-105-01).

Please note that all academic material, assessment, and grading is required on Canvas. Teams should be used primarily as a communication tool.

More information on how to setup and use MS Teams Classrooms in Canvas are located under Faculty Resources.

MS Teams Instructions for Students

If an instructor decides to use the MS Teams app in any fashion, we ask that instructors download the student-facing module from Canvas Commons called How to access my Microsoft Teams course site. Students may also view the MS Teams module in the Student Resources site in Canvas.

Please see the documentation on How to add Student Instructions for MS Teams Course Site (Canvas Commons)

Instructors are welcome to add any of the other documents to their Canvas sites. We also encourage instructors to add a link to Student Resources at


The college offers support during college operating hours.

If you are having an issue with Teams, please email

Please include your:

  • Your full name
  • Course ID (e.g. 2020_FA_ENGL-101-01)
  • A description of the problem you are having
  • The time of your teams meeting

Also please see Troubleshooting for MS Teams.