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VR is an immersive, simulated experience that can be similar to or completely different from the real world. It allows the user to have experiences they may not be able to, such as visiting historical places or events, traveling to distant destinations and interacting with people they otherwise could not meet.

The user wears a headset and holds two controllers to navigate the experience. In the headset, the user becomes fully immersed, typically in a 360-degree environment.

No. Virtual Reality is free for all Carroll students and employees. However, purchases of experiences must be recommended by a professor. Please contact Andrea Gravelle for further information.

If your professor has recommended a VR experience, you can make an appointment with the VR Lab and specify the experience you want to have.

Absolutely! We have five (5) headsets that can be brought to your classroom via mobile carts. Contact Media Services to book a headset. Please note, while we will do our best to accommodate requests, there may be occasions when we are unable to due to conflicts with other duties. The earlier the request is made, the more likely we will be able to serve your needs.

No one will be forced to wear a VR headset. We are able to stream someone else’s experience(s) to a monitor, which you can then view.

The immersive experience can make some people nauseous or have other physical effects. However, students should not be afraid to try them. All experiences have comfort ratings to help you know if you may have an adverse reaction to it. Lab staff will help you find the level best for you.

Depending on availability, you can use the headset for as long as you need to. However, we don’t recommend extended periods of use. Headsets and handhelds are wiped with disinfectant wipes between each use, and users are required to wear a disposable eye mask.

We will make every effort to accommodate students and employees. However, the Media Services department has other duties and may not be available.

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