Carroll Community College Offers Success Coaching to Students

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Sylvia Blair, Carroll Community College, 410-386-8411
Press Release

College success involves more than going to class, reading textbooks and passing exams. How well students manage their time, handle common stressors, stay organized and consider whether they will transfer or start a career are also significant indicators of success.

Carroll Community College offers many resources for students such as academic advising, tutoring, career services and access to a writing consultant. The college also offers opportunities for students to get involved through clubs or student government activities.  

When students need or want a different type of support than what is traditionally available, students now have the option to receive one-on-one, individualized and flexible, inFocus Success Coaching.  

Jody Nusholtz, Ph.D. has designed a dynamic program in which she has trained about 15 instructors to develop coaching skills to help guide student success. New coaches are always in the pipeline as well.  A certified coach herself, she facilitates connections between instructors and students who seek help. Students are encouraged to have regular contact with coaches, establishing a positive rapport. Created to complement the Areas of Study program at the college, coaching allows instructors and students to stay connected over time. Coaching allows for communication that keeps students knowledgeable about resources.  

Nusholtz, professor of English at Carroll, has witnessed a wide variety of circumstances that create the need for coaching. Students who are academically- accelerated may wish to brainstorm, address obstacles and explore possibilities. Students with learning difficulties may wish to have regular contact with a coach to address assignment management. Students who are among the first in their families to attend college or who may return to college after a long absence may need listening and support. Sorting out options for the future is a big reason why students may need coaching, as well as experiencing personal life changes.

Coaching can take the form of group gatherings or one-on-one meetings. Weekly stress reduction and meditation sessions can take the edge off for students. Coaches are conveniently available for pre-set meetings or students may drop in on sessions if they want to.

“I have observed that many students need help with balancing work, relationships and studies,” said Nusholtz. “Other challenging areas include improving academic performance and grades, plotting a direction for the future such as selecting a transfer college, major or career. Everyone can use a coach when setting goals, reducing stress and overcoming obstacles.”

inFocus Success Coaching has evolved over the past decade and has been previously named LifeLift, Project You and Academic Success Coaching. “Coaching has always been relevant to the needs of our students. Now, we have designed a program that is flexible, convenient and responsive to the needs of a wide range of students who can greatly benefit from extra support on their path towards college success. Fortunately, we have seen many success stories result from our collective efforts,” said Nusholtz. For more information, email or call 410-386-8202. Or visit