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Winners of the Book Fair Student Writing Contest Announced

Release Date: 11/27/2006


CONTACT: Sylvia Blair
Community Relations Coordinator/Web Editor

Winners of the Random House Book Fair Student Writing Contest Announced

The winners have been announced for the Tenth Annual  Random House Book Fair Student Writing Contest. There were 496 submissions this year. The winners were notified ahead of time that they are winners, but their first, second, or third placement was announced at the Book Fair held on Nov. 11, 2006. Each winning author had the opportunity to read an excerpt of their work during the Book Fair.

The winners were as follows:
Elementary School Finalists
First Grade Poetry: Lauren Weitzel (1st place), Jonathan Miller (2nd place), Jacob Piazza (3rd place)
First Grade Short Story: Carin Elyse Rusk (1st place), Emily Venter (2nd place), Emma Sutovich (3rd place)
Second Grade Poetry: Lauren Brown (1st place), Kaitlyn Davey (2nd place), Nicholas M. Fiorelli (3rd place)
Second Grade Short Story: Carly Paratore (1st place), Alyssa Williams (2nd place), Julia Fino (3rd place)
Third Grade Poetry: Elizabeth Dumm (1st place), Brett Kitzmiller (2nd place), Noah J. Geier (3rd place), Megan Ensign and Joshua Leckron  (Honorable Mentions)
 Third Grade Short Story: Brianna Chop (1st place), Isaiah Sauvage (2nd place), Kiersten Tenne (3rd place)
Fourth Grade Poetry: Mable Windsor-Buchanan (1st place), Casey Gruber (2nd place), Brooke Schlossenberg (3rd place), Alex Stitely (Honorable Mention)
Fourth Grade Short Story: Jacqueline Wiley (1st place), Abigail Fuller (2nd place), Hannah Miller (3rd place)

Fifth Grade Poetry: Matthew Wesloh (1st place), Samantha Showman (2nd place), Conner Rhoten (3rd place)
Fifth Grade Short Story: Catalina Righter (1st place), Faith Joy Jordy (2nd place), Eric Beverly (3rd place), Bethany Slaughter (Honorable mention)
Middle School Finalists

Six Grade Poetry: Audrey Stydinger (1st place), Colette Hain (2nd place), Destiny Dietz (3rd place), Sarah Snead (Honorable  Mention)
Six Grade Short Story: Thresea Drumgoole (1st place), Audrey Stydinger (2nd place), Shelby Newman (3rd place), Susannah Rachel Gorden (Honorable Mention)
Seventh Grade Poetry: Stephen Gilles (1st place), Allie Dearie (2nd place), Jackie Green (3rd place)
Seventh Grade Short Story: Stephen Gilles (1st place), Rebecca Martin (2nd place), Phyllis McKenzie (3rd place)
Eighth Grade Poetry: Emily Stanton (1st place), Megan Lin (2nd place), Britney Nicole Reese (3rd place), Moira Thompson (Honorable Mention)   
Eighth Grade Short Story: Doug Atkinson (1st place), Kasey Plantholt (2nd place), Kristen Collins (3rd place)
High School Finalists

Ninth Grade Poetry: Matthew Reimer (1st place), Jennifer Elaine Gibbs (2nd place), Alexandra N. Bull (3rd place), Deanna Campbell (3rd place)
Ninth Grade Short Story: Collin Baker (1st place), Adria Freed (2nd place), Kerrie Kenefick (3rd place)
Tenth Grade Poetry: Kristina Gavin (1st place), Bethany Offut (2nd place), Jessica Martin (3rd place), Ce'Neda Monique Warney (Honorable Mention)
Tenth Grade Short Story: None 
Eleventh Grade Poetry: Natalie Saragusa (1st place), Joshua Adam Paul (2nd place), Kyle Woodworth (3rd place), Diana Barley (Honorable Mention) 


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