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Carroll Community College Students Participate in Campus Poverty Simulation

Release Date: 11/1/2010

CONTACT: Sylvia Blair
Executive Assistant to the President
Carroll Community College

Carroll Community College Students Participate in Campus Poverty Simulation

Westminster, Md., The gymnasium of Carroll Community College was transformed into a simulated resource center for low income role-players during a "poverty simulation" which gave students a first-hand look at what it means to be poor.

    "The poverty simulation experience helps participants to understand how a low-income family attempts to survive in today's world," said College President Dr. Faye Pappalardo.

    In the simulation, participants assumed the roles of different families facing poverty. Some families were newly unemployed, some were recently deserted by the family provider, some had no housing, and others received temporary assistance. The families were tasked with visiting simulated social services agencies and gathering various necessities for living.

    The simulation was conducted in a large room with the "families" seated in groups in the center. Around the perimeter were a mock bank, grocer, employer, utility, school, child care center, and more. The experience lasted about three hours, including an introduction and a debriefing.

    Students reported that they learned more about living on a low income. They practiced strategies that people must follow to ensure they have food, clothes, and shelter, and can provide for the needs of their families.


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