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  • Welcome to Carroll Community College The Student Information Sheet for Fall 2021 is your guide to answer many questions you may have regarding textbooks, orientation, payment dates, etc.

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    When is Orientation?

    All new students are expected to attend New Student Orientation to learn more about the college, your class(es), and course expectations. Check your Carroll email for New Student Orientation dates and reminders or check for the dates and times. 

    How can I check my class schedule?

    You can view your class schedule in the Lynx Student Portal. Check your course meeting times prior to the start of the term for changes.

    What can I expect if I am a dual student taking a college class at my high school? 

    The college course will follow the high school schedule but utilize college technology such as Canvas. Check out the Dual @ CCPS New Student Information Sheet for more specific information regarding your class. 

    What are the class formats?

    • Remote Synchronous (section number -95): This type of course meets with an instructor via a live virtual format. The classroom will say Teams (download the Teams software via the Lynx Portal and Office 365). You will log in at a scheduled time to participate in the class. All instruction is provided remotely.
    • Mixed Online (section number -55):  This type of course meets with an instructor via a live virtual format (scheduled at a specific day and time/RSYNC) at least once a week and the rest of the time is online (unscheduled/remote). All instruction is provided remotely.
    • Online(section number -75): Online classes meet in Canvas. This is an asynchronous format-- you complete class assignments based on scheduled due dates and times. Tests may be required by appointment in the Testing Center.
    • Hybrid (section number -65): Hybrid classes meet in person, on-campus at scheduled class times at least once a week. Check course meeting details carefully: If the remaining part of the course is meeting Remote Synchronous (scheduled/remote) you will see an entry for Remote Sync with times and the room as Teams. If the remaining part is Online (unscheduled/remote) you will see only on-campus meeting times. Tests may be required by appointment in the Testing Center.
    • Lecture (section number -01, -02…): Lecture classes meet in person, on-campus at scheduled class times. 
    • Laboratory (LAB): Some classes have a lab attached that may meet in a different format than the lecture portion of the class. Check course meeting details carefully: Labs meet as outlined in the schedule details (may be online, on-campus, or in Teams).

    What is Preview Week?

    You can access your course(s) one week prior to the start of the term in Canvas. Check out your syllabus to make sure the class is what you thought it would be before it begins. If not, you can always change before classes start. 

    How do I get my textbooks?

    Bring your class schedule with you and shop at the Carroll Bookstore! Please check campus bookstore hours prior to arriving. Textbooks can also be purchased online shipped to your house. Textbooks are available on campus two weeks prior to the start of the term. You can view hours and search, purchase, or rent your textbooks online at         
    *For price matching and refund information, visit or contact the Bookstore at or 410-386-8447. For Bookstore vouchers information, please contact Financial Aid at 410-386-8437.

    How does the waitlist work?

    If you are on a waitlist, you will receive notification to your Carroll email account if a space opens. You will have 24 hours to register for the course after you receive the email; if you don’t accept, it goes to the next person and you lose your spot. Check your position by contacting the Records Office at 410-386-8440 / or the Lynx Student Portal

    Where can I find my student ID number?

    Your student number is emailed to you the day after you apply. You will use this to activate your account. It can also be found in your Lynx Student Portal account and your ID card after classes begin.

    How do I obtain my Student ID card?

    Student Photo ID cards are available once the semester begins in the Library. Be sure to bring your driver’s license or another form of photo ID (ie. High School ID, passport, etc.). For more information, visit:  

    What are the important dates for the Fall Term?

    Fall Calendar:

     Fall 2021  Start Date  Refund Deadline  Audit/Withdrawal Deadline  End Date
     Fall (15 weeks)  August 30  September 7  November 3  December 17
     Fall 2 (7 weeks)  August 30  September 2  September 27  October 15
     Fall 3 (13 weeks)  September 13  September 20  November 9  December 17
     Fall 4 (7 weeks)  October 25  October 28  November 22  December 10

    How can I request Disability Support Services?

    At Carroll, we are committed to making academic learning and personal growth as accessible as possible for every student. Follow the instructions on the Disability Support Services page for current students to make an accommodations/services request of the Disability Support Services office. You can also email

    Campus Information

    Where can I find information about COVID-19 and its impact on the campus?

    Check your Carroll email daily for important updates via email and check

    What is the protocol for taking a class on campus?

    If you are fully vaccinated, you do not need to wear a mask on campus. If you are not vaccinated, you need to wear a mask on campus for your personal safety. 

    Where can I find campus map information?

    There will be staff available the first few days of the semester to help you find your way around. We do have campus map information online:

    Can I receive alerts to know what is happening on campus?

    • Academic Alerts: Text “@infoCCC” to 81010 to get information about registration, financial aid, & tuition deadlines
    • Campus Event Alerts: Text “@Lynxcc” to 81010 to get information about upcoming events!
    • Emergency Notification/School Closing Alerts: Sign-up online at to register your email and cell phone. You do not need to be a student to receive e2Campus emergency alerts and school closing information.  

    Holiday Closures 

    For more information, please visit:    

    • Labor Day Holiday: Saturday- Monday, September 4-6
    • Thanksgiving Holiday: Wednesday- Sunday, November 24-28
    • Winter Recess: Monday- Sunday, December 20- January 2

    Student Account Information

    College Account

    Go to My Carroll on the Carroll Community College Web page. Make sure you’ve set-up your Carroll Community College Account. You can find the link in the personal email you used when you applied. Set-up the account and it will give you access to:

    • College email in Outlook: All college information is sent here (not your personal account). Start checking frequently for important college information
    • Canvas: Online class portals used to supplement every class. You will have access to this one week before your classes begin. Your instructors communicate with you to post important class information, including grades and your syllabus. You must have your Carroll account (and email) set-up to log-in to any class
    • Office 365: Microsoft Office (Word, Outlook, Power point and Excel) is available to download at no cost. 
    • Lynx Student Portal: This is where you find links to all of your personal, academic and financial information. This allows you to pay tuition or set up a payment plan and make an appointment with your advisor for future class planning and registration.

    For more information, please visit: or contact the Admissions Office at 410-386-8430.

    I am having trouble with my account; how can I contact the IT Help Desk? 

    You can unlock your account or reset your password online at If you need further assistance, please contact the IT Help Desk at 410-386-8060 or  

    What is Canvas? 

    Canvas is a Learning Management System. Canvas will serve as our online system to engage students in their each of their courses, as well as campus clubs and organizations. You can find canvas tutorials here: 

    What is Microsoft Teams?

    Microsoft Teams is the platform used for the remote synchronous (RSYNC) classes. All students are automatically enrolled in our Teams software. To access Teams, please go to, click the Office 365, and log in. Teams will be an option. For help, visit:

    Payment Information

    Payment Deadline:

    • Fall Term — August 2

    Note: If registering after the dates above, payment is due at the time of registration.

    How can I apply for financial aid?

    Financial Aid must be completed every year you enroll as a student. You can apply beginning October 1 for the following fall term. We recommend you apply for aid prior to April 1 and the state priority deadline is March 1. However, you can complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) any time prior to the start of the term at Earlier is better to apply.

    How can I check my financial aid?

    Check online through the Lynx Student Portal. Contact the Financial Aid Office with any questions / 410-386-8437.

    How do I sign up for the Payment Plan? 

    The Tuition Payment Plan offers automatic monthly payment as an alternative to a direct payment by a checking, savings or credit card account. 

    Steps to Enroll:

    • Go to  
    • Choose LYNX Student Portal and log-in with Carroll username and password
    • Choose “Student Finance”
    • Select “Make a Payment”
    • Select “Continue to Payment Center”
    • Click on “Payment Plans” button at top of page
    • Be sure to complete the entire registration and print your agreement

    Student Activities Information

    How do I find out information about that is happening on campus?

    Each week, students receive an email called The Carroll Claw. This summarizes important approaching events for students to stay on track as well as lists fun opportunities to get involved. Students can also learn by following the Instagram and Facebook pages @CarrollCCStudentLife or signing up for text alerts. You can text @LYNXCC to 81010 for campus events or @INFOCCC to 81010 for important announcements. The Canvas learning management system also houses clubs, activities, and service opportunities for students. You can get involved and learn more by taking part in any of these systems. Visit the Student Life Canvas site for event calendar and links. 

    How can I get involved in student activities and clubs?

    There are many ways that students can get involved! Students can join clubs by enrolling themselves in specific club Canvas pages or filling out an interest form with our office. Find directions and information on the Student Life Canvas site. Involvement can take many forms, such as leadership on the Student Government Organization, casual attendance at fun events, or dedicated membership in a club or organization. We have various options to choose from to make your journey at Carroll Community College more meaningful. 

    How can I access tutoring services?

    We are here to support Carroll students through these challenging times. We are offering a combination of on campus tutoring in the Academic Center (L288) and online tutoring through Microsoft Teams. Choose which option works best for you. In order to take advantage of this free support, please join our Academic Services Canvas Course site. Please contact Marsha Nusbaum at if you have any questions about tutoring.