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  • Carroll welcomes veterans, active duty personnel, National Guard and Reserve personnel and their families. 

    In addition to participating in GI Bill® and military tuition payment options, Carroll offers academic and social support to ease the transition from military service to academics.  

    Our Student Affairs Pathway, comprised of the Admissions, Advising, Financial Aid, ADA Support Services and Student Life offices, seamlessly provides veterans and their families with information and assistance.These offices work collaboratively and work with other agencies and institutions to enroll veterans.

    Carroll's respectful and inclusive environment focuses on guiding veterans in adapting their military skills to the classroom.To help meet the new set of challenges posed by postsecondary education, our offices help veterans with accessible resources and strategic support.

    The Student Affairs Pathway for Veteran Assistance

  • Admissions

    • Offers assistance in completing the enrollment application.
    • Provides unofficial credit transfer consultations.
    • Assists with exploring program options.

    Learn more about becoming a credit student.

    Financial Aid and Billing

    • Processes veteran’s educational benefits. 
    • Interprets VA regulations to ensure compliance.
    • Processes supporting documents for invoicing.
    • Provides resources to students regarding outstanding balances not covered by benefits. 

    Learn more about financial aid for veterans.

    Advising and Transfer Center

    • Provides academic advising and educational planning including transfer options.

    Learn more about advising for military personnel.

    Disability Support Services

    • Offers general academic coaching and counseling.
    • Acts as a faculty liaison.
    • Provides formal academic accommodations (such as distraction-reduced testing or other testing and classroom accommodations).
    • Offers referrals to mental health providers, community agencies and other confidential resources.

    Learn more about disability support services.

    Student Life

    Connects military service personnel, veterans and their families through activities and clubs.

    Career Development Center

    • Offers major and job placement/career exploring resources and activities.
    • Provides career advising
    • Supplies employment opportunity resources

    View career websites for veterans.