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Campus Alert

Q: Is Carroll open?

A: Yes, we are open. The majority of classes and services are being offered remotely for the summer. Call or email the office you are looking for, and they will answer or have instructions on how to contact them. Find the directory here.

Q: Will the College be open this Fall?

A: Yes. Many classes will be offered at the College in a face-to-face format (lecture); some will be offered online (asynchronous) and remote synchronous (live instruction).

Q: When is tuition payment due for Fall?

A: Monday, August 2. However, you can continue to register until classes begin. If you register after Aug. 2, tuition is due at the time of registration. We also have payment plan options.

Q: When do Fall classes begin?

A: The first day of the term begins on Monday, August 30. We have shorter terms as well. Look at the full calendar for a complete list of term information.

Q: I have applied. What do I do next?

A: Call the Admissions Office at 410-386-8430 or email them.

Q: How do I set up my student account?

A: Within 24-48 hours of applying, you will receive an email link to set up your account. If not, check your personal email trash or spam. For more information, go to Student Accounts FAQ. You can reset or change your password here.

Q: How do placement tests work?

A: First make sure you need to test by clicking here for course eligibility.

If you think you need to test (or don’t know), call the Admissions Office at 410-386-8430 or email We will help you determine what you need. If placement testing is required, students make an appointment to test in the Testing Center.

Q: How do I make an appointment to register?

A: Current High School Dual Enrollment students should contact Admissions at 410-386-8430 or via email. All other new and returning students (including graduating high school seniors) should contact Advising at 410-386-8435 or via email.

Q: What is Microsoft Teams (for remote synchronous classes)?

A: Microsoft Teams is where you log in to remote synchronous classes for live face-to-face instruction virtually. Teams is similar to Zoom.

Q: How do fully online classes work?

A: You log in to our LMS called Canvas. All of your course content will be located here one week before your class officially starts. Asynchronous online classes are not self-paced courses. Be sure to follow the syllabus for the course.

Q: How do I access public transportation in Carroll County?

A: Carroll Transit System, operated by Ride With Us, offers two bus pass options to college students attending Carroll. For bus pass options and access to an application, visit the Carroll Transit System page.