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Assessment—Program Assessment

The purpose of academic program assessment is to improve the quality of academic programs individually and the college as a whole via data-driven decision-making for continuous improvement.

  1. Five-year program reviews are comprehensive and involve an extensive and in-depth analysis of how well a program functions and aligns with the College’s mission and goals. The report is recorded on the Comprehensive Academic Affairs Program Review Form and Instructions and is validated by the Program
    Review Committee members. In addition, the report is presented to the Program Review Committee and open to the college community. Results are used for program improvement.
  2. Each year, programs not designated to complete a Comprehensive Program Review will submit an annual program assessment. All programs must assess part or all of their program goals, analyze results, report major changes, and document anticipated program needs for the year ahead. Ideally, each annual assessment will provide key information that will eventually contribute to the comprehensive review in the fifth year. Program goals are recorded on Academic PSLO Assessment Plan and Results Part I. Results are recorded on Academic PSLO Assessment Plan and Results Part II and are used for program

Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment

Michelle Kloss
Associate Provost

Melody Moore
Associate Provost of Program Development and Partnerships