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Business Administration, A.A. Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! The valuable skills you develop in the program—problem solving, communication, leadership, planning and more—can be applied to your entrepreneurial ventures. (You can get further expert help launching a business from Miller: Resources for Entrepreneurs.)

Yes! The coursework prepares you for skills in various areas, including a basic understanding of the business world; accounting and bookkeeping practices including QuickBooks; and the Microsoft Office suite of programs (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access). The skills you develop in this program will give you a leg up in obtaining jobs in the business sector, such as office manager and executive assistant. 

Business degrees are 60 credits and can be completed in two years if the student completes 30 credits a year. Plan ahead! Not all courses are offered every semester. Please work with an advisor to develop your personalized academic plan.

It depends on the requirements of the transfer school. Some require Applied Calculus while others require Statistics. This should be considered as you develop your academic plan. 

The suggested course sequence is located in the College Course Catalog and accounts for prerequisite courses being taken in order.

Introduction to Business, Introduction to Computer Information Systems, and Accounting 101 are the first courses you should take. However, these do not all need to be taken in your first semester. General education courses, such as English or Science, are equally important.