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Gifts of Cash are available for immediate use by our Foundation.  Checks should be made payable to the Carroll Community College Foundation and can be mailed to the following address:

Carroll Community College Foundation
1601 Washington Road, M261
Westminster, MD 21157

Electronic Payments are also accepted through all major credit cards and can be done online here. (link to make a gift form –

Pledges provide a longer-term commitment over a designated period of time based on an agreed-upon schedule allowing you to make the most impactful donation in support of the cause for which you are most passionate.

Recurring Donations are made on a periodic basis to spread the financial impact of a donor’s giving across the entire year.

Employer Matching Gifts double the power of your personal giving.  Check with your employer or other organizations with which you are affiliated to find out if they offer a matching gift program.

Gifts of Securities enable donors to contribute a larger gift at a lower basis cost, maximizing tax benefits.    Please consult your financial advisor.  Instruct your broker to contact us for delivery instructions and to ensure that crediting of the gift is handled effectively and efficiently. Wire transfer and ACH instructions are also available upon request.

Gifts of Appreciated Real Estate can provide a charitable tax deduction and reduction or elimination of capital gains tax.

Individuals, families, and businesses can make annual gifts to support short-term high priority and often unanticipated needs of students. Annual Giving allows education to remain affordable and accessible to our students and allows us to invest in programs to ensure they remain relevant.

Initiatives in need of annual support:

Student Opportunity Scholarships – donate to support a student… let’s take an active role in growing enrollment and helping local families afford their start at Carroll.

First in my Family Program – support first-generation students as they navigate higher education at Carroll.

New Start –supporting degree-seeking, 25+ years old students, that are new to Carroll Community College.

Learning Technology – help purchase state-of-the-market equipment to enhance learning opportunities and ensure a first-rate education for our students.  Donations are currently eligible for matching funds.

Major Giving

Individuals, families, and businesses can transform lives, innovate programs, and sustain scholarship opportunities over time through major gifts of $10,000 or more that often are fulfilled over multiple years. These impact commitments significantly advance our mission and vision by funding specific programs, endowed scholarships, and strategic initiatives.

Naming Opportunities

Carroll Community College offers a variety of naming opportunities for individuals, families, and organizations. Memorialize a space that aligns with your field of interest or an area on campus, especially for you or a loved one.

You can designate your contribution toward the funding priority of your choice, making a major impact on our students and demonstrating your commitment to higher education.  There are no administrative costs and 100% of your gift goes directly to your designation.

Legacy Giving

You can impact the lives of thousands of students each year by contributing to the College through your personal legacy. Legacy giving secures the future of high-quality education programs to advance careers, enrich lives, and strengthen our community for generations to come.

For those who want to impact the lives of students at Carroll through a major gift or a legacy gift, there are many options to meet your philanthropic goals…

  • Endowments are funded through a donation of money or assets of $25,000 or more. The resulting investment income will be used in perpetuity to fund a specific program, strategic initiative, or scholarship.  Endowments may be named by the donor to ensure a legacy of support for future generations.
  • Gifts of Appreciated Stock, Mutual Funds, and Marketable Securities may enable donors to make a larger gift at a lesser cost basis while providing significant tax benefits through income tax reduction and elimination of capital gains taxes.
  • Retirement Assets and Charitable IRA Rollover Gifts may count towards a Required Minimum Distribution (RMD). You may name the Foundation as a beneficiary of a portion of your retirement savings as part of your legacy plan. The transfer of retirement assets left to the Foundation is not subject to taxation.

Benefits of a Charitable IRA Rollover Gift (QCD)

The SECURE Act 2.0 increased the age at which individuals must start taking required minimum distributions (RMDs) to 73 in 2023.  Once a person reaches 73, one of the great benefits of a QCD is that it will count toward your RMD.  However, even if you have not reached age 73, there are still good reasons to consider a QCD at 70 ½.  While you do not use the QCD as a personal charitable donation for deduction purposes, these withdrawals are not considered taxable income.

  • A Bequest is a gift that a donor leaves a charity in a will. The gift can be a specific asset or a portion of the donor’s estate.
  • A Donor Advised Fund is a private fund administered by a third party, sponsoring organization, and created for the purpose of managing charitable donations on behalf of an individual or family. The donor retains advisory privileges with respect to distribution of funds.
  • A Life Insurance Policy may be gifted through transferring actual ownership of a policy (perhaps one that is no longer needed for its original purpose) or through a beneficiary designation at the end of your life.
  • Charitable Gift Annuity is a simple agreement between the donor and the Foundation that provides fixed payments to the donor for life that transfers remaining assets to the Foundation at your passing or that of a joint surviving owner.
  • Charitable Reminder Trusts are irrevocable trusts that let you donate assets to the Foundation while drawing annual income for a specified period of time.
  • Appreciated and appraised Real Estate can provide a charitable tax deduction and elimination or capital gains tax.
  • Corporate Grants allow businesses and organizations to award grants that align with their organizational values and priorities while furthering their philanthropic missions.

Joseph F. Shields Legacy Circle

Consider a legacy gift today and become a part of the Joseph F. Shields Legacy Circle!

More Ways To Make An Impact

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