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Geology Showcase

Projects and Presentation 

Students in Physical Sciences use authentic resources to research a broad range of topics in science, write a scientific paper and communicate their findings to an audience of peers and instructors. 

Students in the summer Historical Geology field course investigate a cave etched into 400-million-year-old limestone deposited in an inland sea near what is now Hancock, Maryland before the Appalachian mountains were formed

Field Experiences  

Geology is a field-based science. Students in Geology classes at Carroll participate in numerous field experiences, both physical and virtual, ranging from creating local terrain maps to exploring remote outcrops and discovering fossils, to performing on-site, authentic sub-surface investigations. The results of these efforts are shared through the creation of written reports, graphic displays and digital field excursions.  

Real-World Experience  

Students learn about real-world applications of science through year-round field trips. Examples of places visited by our students are:  

  • All-day trips to Maryland’s many geological landscapes for on-site learning 
  • Science Exploration at Hershey Park in Hershey, Pennsylvania 
  • NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland 
  • Udvar-Hazy Air and Space Museum in Chantilly, Virginia 
  • Lehigh Cement Company 

Other activities and clubs:  

  • Annual Maryland Collegiate STEM Conference 
  • STEM Club 
  • American Chemical Society Student Chapter 
  • Mole-day and Pi-day celebrations 
  • STEM Day to celebrate Maryland’s STEM Week 
  • Service-learning STEM activities for children at the annual Penguin Random House Book Fair 

Geology Superstars 

Rebecca Molkau 

I absolutely loved the Geology program at Carroll Community College!! Before I started my geology classes with Dr. O’Neal, I was really struggling to find a major that I was really passionate about. The professors in the Geology program were extremely helpful to me in my college career and Dr. O’Neal gave me some great advice on which schools to transfer to. I transferred to Towson University; the transfer process was super easy since there was a program in place at Towson that accepted all of my credits after I graduated from Carroll Community College with my Associates of Science in Geology.” 

Students on a Physical Geology course field trip visit Great Falls National Park where the modern Potomac River cuts through a section of 1-billion-year-old metamorphosed rock layers, formed when early North America was in the Southern Hemisphere.