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Mathematics at Carroll

  1. What courses do you offer?
    • We offer both transitional (review) and credit-level math courses. See our College Catalog for course descriptions.
  2. How do I know what math courses I can take?
  3. Do you provide support for students in math courses?
    • Yes! In addition to your professor’s office hours (which we like to call student hours), you may attend free appointment and/or drop-in math tutoring, and weekly review sessions (when applicable). We also have a Math Success Navigator to help you along your math journey at Carroll.
  4. Do you offer fun events?
    • Yes! Each fall, we host Math Fest and each spring we host Pi Day. Details are provided by your math professor.
  5. Do you accept AP scores?


P – Persevere: When challenged
A – Appreciate: Embrace the value of mathematics
S – Succeed: Advance and flourish with Support
S – Support: Provide resources to cultivate success

Provide a welcoming community where we mentor, teach, and foster growth in risk-takers and mistake-makers of varying abilities and interests.

Mission and Vision

Other Questions?

Lauri Croghan
Academic Administrative Specialist, Mathematics & Engineering
Phone: 410-386-8235