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Physics Showcase

Projects and Presentation 

Students in Physical Sciences use authentic resources to research a broad range of topics in science, write a scientific paper and communicate their findings to an audience of peers and instructors. Students in Physics classes use creativity to demonstrate the laws of physics by building and constructing models and machines. 

Students in a 3rd-semester physics course create standing waves on a stretched string and relate the relationship between the frequency of the various harmonics to that of the fundamental mode of vibration.

Real-World Experience  

Students learn about real-world applications of science through year-round field trips. Examples of places visited by our students are:  

  • Physics Exploration at Hershey Park in Hershey, Pennsylvania 
  • NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland 
  • Udvar-Hazy Air and Space Museum in Chantilly, Virginia 
  • Lehigh Cement Company 

Other activities and clubs:  

  • Annual Maryland Collegiate STEM Conference 
  • STEM Club 
  • American Chemical Society Student Chapter 
  • Mole-day and Pi-day celebrations 
  • STEM Day to celebrate Maryland’s STEM Week 
  • Service-learning STEM activities for children at the annual Penguin Random House Book Fair 

Physics Superstars 

Chimwemwe Chinkuyu 

Chimwemwe was a dual-enrolled Physics student who won the Outstanding Signature Assignment Award in 2021. He investigated the effects of mass on the terminal speed of free-falling objects. He used coffee filters as model parachutes and tested his hypothesis using a video modeling software. Chimwemwe wrote: “A complete understanding of the drag force discussed in my Signature Assignment is important when designing projectiles, aircraft or any vehicle that moves through the air. Additionally, the force is explained by Newton’s laws of motion. Engineers take these laws into consideration in the design and construction of any structure.” 

Luther Daigle 

As president of Carroll’s STEM Club, Luther Daigle partners with the Club’s vice president to orchestrate a variety of club activities. As a former senior banker, Luther has strong experience in managing people and their finances. He put those experiences to use as he leads the club, its members and its finances.  

Alex Hill

Alex graduated with an Associate degree in physical science with physics concentration and successfully transferred to the BS in Physics program at the University of Maryland Baltimore County. Alex writes, “The Carroll physics program helped grow my interest in physics and helped me figure out what I wanted to pursue going forward. The professors were helpful and kind, and the courses gave me a strong foundation for the more advanced courses I transitioned into. Furthermore, the labs helped build a strong understanding of the concepts taught compared to a 4-year university where the introductory physics lab is its own type of course. After transferring I felt I had a better understanding of a lot of the basic concepts than most of my peers who had taken similar courses.”

Becca Reimer 

Carroll Physics student Becca Reimer took PHYS 111 with Dr. Maharoof. She investigated radiation and radiation shielding for her capstone project. The following summer, she was admitted to an undergraduate research program funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) at Central Washington University (CWU).  

She said, “The capstone project in PHYS 111 had a great impact on my progress. I believe that communicating on a scientific level with peers and superiors was a very important skill for me to learn. This really helped me in my internship when I had to present the results of my research to the other members of my REU program and the program advisors, who were themselves professors at other universities. When I got to Frostburg, I also had to do several preliminary presentations related to my capstone project. My previous experience at Carroll assisted me in making clear and profound presentations that I could deliver with knowledge and confidence.”   

Students in our physics courses take part in a group activity designed to help build collaborative and interpersonal skills. The event is sponsored by the STEM Club.