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Graduates of our Digital Design and Fabrication Certificate program, along with industry professionals seeking certifications, are well equipped to compete in the job market of tomorrow as well as today.

Total Credits:


Certificate Length:

Two Years

About the Certificate

Using modern digital modeling software and manufacturing processes, digital fabricators design and create physical objects, parts or products used by consumers and industries.

The Digital Design and Fabrication Certificate enhances the skills of individuals currently working in the digital fabrication field, or prepares students who already have a college degree for employment or advancement in such fields as concept modeling, manufacturing, industrial engineering and design, and product design.

This program blends emerging technologies like 3D printing, subtractive manufacturing and 3D scanning with contemporary design, manufacturing and production strategies.

Advisory Board

Our curriculum is designed and continuously reviewed by an advisory board of industry experts and business leaders, ensuring the program meets all current skill and knowledge requirements. You can visit our Advisory Boards page to see the list of Digital Design and Fabrication Advisory Board members, as well as advisory board members for our other programs.



Transfers & Careers

Discover Your Passion

Find out what your interests are and how they relate to the world of work.

This is a career program, thus courses are not designed for transfer, but instead are designed for gainful employment upon graduation. Some courses may fulfill lower-level electives upon transferring to a 4-year institution.


According to Forbes, the value of the additive manufacturing technology and service industry in 2019 was almost $12 billion. With technical development and far-reaching adoption, some predict the industry could be worth more than $100 billion by 2030.

Professional areas where Digital Design and Fabrication are utilized include industrial design and engineering, product and package design, manufacturing and the creative arts, including fashion design, jewelry, sculpture, metalsmithing and mixed media.

Skills acquired in our state-of-the-art program can be applied to many high-growth industries including:

  • Aerospace
  • Defense
  • Medical
  • Architecture
  • Automotive
  • manufacturing
  • Design

“I like the diverse career options the DFAB program offers. I am developing the skills needed to work in additive (3D printers) as well as subtractive manufacturing (carvers, CNC machines, laser cutters, etc.). Exposure to various CAD software creates opportunity to work in Computer Aided Design or Engineering careers. The entrepreneurial opportunities, such as product design, excite me the most.”

Letisha Cardosa Digital Design & Fabrication student


Carroll’s faculty are scholars, researchers and distinguished leaders, selected based on their industry experience, academic excellence and passion for teaching. They possess a wealth of skills and knowledge to share with you throughout your pursuit of a Digital Design and Fabrication Certificate.