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Our Medical Assistant certificate workforce training program teaches you the skills needed to complete any of the functions at a medical facility. Learn about electronic health records, phlebotomy, EKG, physiology, pharmacology and more. Many of our students are offered employment at their clinical site.

Approx. Number of Hours:


Program Cost:**


Est. Hourly Wage:*

$17 per hour

Min. Occupational Requirements:

18 years old or older; high school diploma or GED®.

Medical Assistant Job Overview


Clinical medical assistants are multi-skilled healthcare practitioners certified for competence in a variety of clinical and lab procedures and administrative roles. Medical assistants perform routine administrative and clinical tasks to keep physician, podiatry, chiropractic and other health practitioner offices running smoothly. 

Financial Assistance

There’s more than $150,000 in funding available to help pay for short-term job training. Up to 90% of costs may be covered to complete this training program.

Licensure/certification earned

Students who complete this job training certificate are prepared to take the certification exam and are eligible for national certification as a Certified Clinical Medical Assistant through the National Healthcareer Association (for an additional fee).  


View all current course offerings. Not all courses are offered within every term schedule. 

AHE-651 Certified Clinical Medical Assistant – Part 1
AHE-652 Certified Clinical Medical Assistant – Part 2
AHE-653 Certified Clinical Medical Assistant – Part 3
AHE-654 Certified Clinical Medical Assistant – Part 4
AHE-655 Certified Clinical Medical Assistant – Part 5
AHE-656 Certified Clinical Medical Assistant – Part 6

Additional Information & Program Requirements

Clinical requires documentation of MMR & Varicella immunizations, and a negative TB test or chest x-ray within last 12 months, and Hepatitis B immunity or waiver. Clinical sites may require criminal background checks & drug screenings at additional cost.

Anna Basgier Portrait

Anna Basgier: Leaping Into a New Life

It’s never too late to change your life. Just ask Medical Assistant program completer Anna Basgier.

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Interested in enrolling?

Contact our Continuing Education Office (Room A115) if you have any questions or concerns.

410-386-8100 |

*Wages are based on data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and are estimates only. 

**Unless noted, cost does not include any required textbooks and related materials, applicable licensing fees, background check fees, testing fees or prerequisite courses.