Why Give

  • Providing education and training for students of all ages, lifelong learners and local businesses, Carroll Community College is one of Carroll County's most important assets. The vision and generosity of Carroll supporters translates into important benefits for the college. In addition to funding scholarships for deserving students, we invest in technology innovation, student life and academic programs that support the mission and vision of the college. As public funding sources dwindle, students struggle to achieve their dreams. Even Carroll's modest annual tuition is beyond the reach of many students without financial assistance. To put it simply, your gift changes lives and contributes to making higher education achievable for students of all ages.

    Our students say it best…

  • "Nursing school has been the most challenging yet rewarding experience for me thus far in life. It feels like I have fought my way through every possible obstacle over the past two years to make it to where I am now. I was working two full time jobs up until last November to help put me through the program with the assistance of financial aid. I had to quit one of my jobs last year to prioritize school in order to make it through last semester. My decision hurt me greatly financially but was well worth the sacrifice when I excelled in my course and passed my exit exams. I am looking forward to pursing my interests in cardiac nursing and women’s health postgraduation, while continuing to find ways to serve my community." — Calandra Blackburn, Nursing Student

  • Our donors make a tremendous impact…

  • "Many of the students at Carroll Community College either work during the day and attend classes in the evening, or attend classes during the day and work in the afternoon or evening. Having completed the last three years of my college going to night school and working during the day, I know that alone is a challenge, even if you’re not struggling financially, which many students are. The students attending Carroll work hard to better themselves through higher education, which will give them the tools to succeed in their future endeavors. I sincerely believe my financial support of the College is a good investment in the students, the College, and our community." —Glenn Bair, donor