Fitness Center and Gym

  • The Fitness Center is only open to currently enrolled credit students, faculty and staff. No one under 18 years of age is allowed in the Fitness Center unless enrolled in a credit class. Students enrolled in designated non-credit fitness classes may also use the Fitness Center as part of their class during¬†specified class times.

    Before using the Fitness Center

    • Bring a copy of your current credit class schedule and a picture ID (license) to the student assistant.
    • You will need to update your Fitness Center ID card every Fall and Spring Term.¬†
    • Complete and sign the Fitness Center Use Application, found at the Fitness Center Information Desk.
    • A Fitness Center card will then be issued to you.

    All users are required to sign in at the Fitness Center Information desk and have a photo ID and Fitness Center ID in their possession while working out.

    Scheduled fitness classes have priority over the Fitness Center at all times. Check the schedule below for details.

    Gym & Fitness Center Schedule

    These hours are subject to change and without prior notice as needed for scheduled class usage. All Fitness Center users exercise at their own risk during both supervised and unsupervised hours.

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