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For Immediate Help

Call 911 for emergency services.
Call Ext. 8123 if you’re on campus to reach the campus police.
Call 211 for Maryland Health and Human Services in your area.
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Heroin and Opioids Addiction: What You Need to Know

Instances of heroin and opioid-related deaths have increased significantly in recent years, becoming the leading cause of death in young adults in Maryland. Carroll Community College is committed to educating our students and the community about the dangers of heroin and opioid addiction, ways to prevent and/or treat it, and training to assist persons experiencing an emergency overdose situation.

The College’s efforts support SB 1060 / HB 1082 – Heroin and Opioid Education and Community Action Act of 2017, passed by Gov. Larry Hogan to combat the rise of opioid abuse and drug-related deaths across the state of Maryland.

Carroll Community College Response

As part of the Start Talking Maryland Act, we offer face-to-face training and education for all full-time students and electronic resources for part-time students.

Campus Police and designated staff and faculty are certified to administer Naloxone (NARCAN®), a prescription medication that safely and effectively counteracts an opioid overdose.

Good Samaritan Law

  • Maryland’s Good Samaritan Law protects people assisting in an emergency overdose situation from arrest, as well as prosecution, for certain crimes.
  • The law applies to any person who seeks, provides or assists with the provision of medical assistance as the result of a person ingesting or using alcohol or drugs.
  • The law also applies to the victims if the victims receive assistance because someone else sought assistance for them. 

County’s Resources

  • Carroll County Health Department Substance Abuse Prevention Office: 410-876-4803
  • Triangle Recovery Club provides a safe, clean environment for many different types of 12-step program meetings.

See Club’s meeting times

Informative Videos

Strength and Shame: Inside Maryland’s Opioid Epidemic
The Facts on America’s Opioid Epidemic: It’s the deadliest drug crisis in American history. It kills about 90 Americans every day. Here are answers to some key questions about the crisis.