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Admissions Process to apply for an (F-1) Student Visa

For students abroad interested in pursuing studies at Carroll Community College on an F-1 Student Visa, please follow the steps below for admission consideration.

Please note that many of our allied health selective admissions programs, including Nursing, are not eligible for F-1 students. They do not meet the full-time requirement required for this visa type.

The information in this section applies to students who are:

  • Student applicants from outside of the U.S.
  • F1 Student transfers within the U.S.
  • Students pursuing a change of visa status

Carroll does not offer on-campus housing and is in a rural community. International students are required to have a local sponsor (e.g. relative, family friend) to live with within close proximity to the college. Please make sure you meet this requirement before completing any additional steps.

Application deadlines

  • Fall Term – June 1
  • Spring Term – October 15
  • F-1 visa students cannot start during a Winter or Summer Term

 Admissions Process Steps

StepStep information and details
Submit the college enrollment applicationGo to to create an application account and to submit the enrollment application.
Complete Local sponsor/housing formThis form identifies local sponsorship by an individual in the community who will provide living accommodations for the student at no cost to the student. This form must be notarized.
Provide official translated high school recordSubmit transcripts for the final four years of secondary school AND proof of graduation.
Transcripts must be accompanied by a word-for-word, line-by-line certified English translation for all documents in the same format. The translation must be provided by a person not related to or associated with the student. The translator must provide a letter explaining their qualifications as a translator.
Provide official course-by-course evaluation of any college-level coursework completed outside of the U.S.College-level coursework outside of the U.S. must be evaluated by World Education Services ( A course-by-course evaluation is required for students who would like their previous college credit to be considered for transfer to Carroll Community College. The evaluation must be sent to Carroll Community College directly from World Education Services to be considered official.
Testing requirementsApplicants must meet one of the following:

– Official TOEFL iBT report* – score of 79 or higher

– Official IELTS report – score of 6 or higher

– Official SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing report+ – score of 480 or higher

– Official ACT Reading Subtest report@ – score of 21 or higher

– Completion of English 101 equivalent at another U.S. college or university

– Carroll Community College Placement Test – Placement into ENGL-101 or ENGL-ALP required  

*Use CCC’s Institutional Code C943 to request official TOEFL scores to be sent to CCC

+Use CCC’s Institutional Code 5797 to request official SAT scores to be sent to CCC

@Use CCC’s Institutional Code 1697 to request official ACT scores to sent to CCC
Submit notarized bank statements verifying the availability of sufficient financial fundsComplete the financial sponsor formSubmit official, notarized financial bank statements to verify that a minimum of $15,000 U.S. dollars is on reserve for tuition payment for the coming year. The same cost will be required for year two.$15,000 covers the cost of tuition and supplies for only one year. Please see tuition and fee rates for F-1 students on our tuition and fees page. F-1 students are charged the out-of-state/country tuition rate.
Complete the College placement test for English and MathThe scores earned on the English and Math placement tests will determine eligibility for courses and verify the ability to enroll full-time, which is required as an F-1 student.
If all the above criteria are approved, a Form 1-20 will be issued to the studentIf all above criteria are approved, the document used to apply for an F-1 visa, called the Form I-20, will be issued to the student. The student must schedule an appointment with their embassy or consulate.
Complete the I-901 form and pay the SEVIS feeCompletion of the I-901 form and payment of the SEVIS fee are required before the appointment with the embassy or consulate. The form and payment can be completed online.
Enroll full-time, at a minimum of 12 credits per termOnly the U.S. Department of State, not the College, has the authority to grant or deny F-1 visa status. When approved for an F-1 student visa, students must enroll full-time at a minimum of 12 credits each term. They will be charged out-of-state/country tuition rates. Students are eligible to work on campus (based on job availability) at a maximum of 20 hours per week.

Cost Breakdown for F-1 Students

  • Tuition $11,160 per year
  • Books and Supplies: $2,000
  • Personal Expenses $3,000
  • Local living host/accommodations (at no cost) required
  • Health insurance very strongly recommended (approximately $1,000)

We’re here to help!

Our Admissions Office is open and can meet on campus or remotely. Call or email us with questions or to schedule an appointment with an advisor.

Monday – Thursday | 8:30 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Friday | 8:30 a.m. – 4 p.m.
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