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Engineering, Chemical/Biomedical Concentration, A.S. Frequently Asked Questions

STEM Scholars is an honors program designed for motivated high school and college students who want to pursue opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics, transferring to a 4-year institution after completion of their Associate degree at Carroll. The program emphasizes hands-on research, professional development and transfer preparation

Visit the STEM Scholars web page for more details on benefits of the program.

While Carroll Community College graduates have successfully transferred to many different institutions, including University of Maryland, Johns Hopkins University and Morgan State University, 4-year schools are not required to accept credits awarded by Carroll Community College via AP, IB, CLEP and transfer (including transcripted credit) if they do not do so for their own native students. This may result in a reduced number of transferable credits and require a transfer student to re-earn those credits. Students are urged to discuss any such circumstances with an academic advisor prior to scheduling their first term courses.