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Info for Parents (Dual Enrollment)

Dual Enrollment Engineering Carroll Community College

Making the Case for Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment allows your student to earn college credits while they are still in high school, giving them a leg up on their higher ed journey. Below is a list of frequently asked questions to help you decide if Dual Enrollment is right for your student.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is becoming a dually enrolled student a complicated process?

Not at all! Your student first needs to talk with their high school counselor to see how dual enrollment classes might fit into their schedule. (They can also contact the Admissions Office at Carroll for guidance.) If dual enrollment looks like feasible option, they just follow the simple steps on this page.

Are dual enrollment classes expensive?

If your student attends a public school in Carroll County (CCPS), there is no tuition or fees for you to pay for dual enrollment classes. (Summer classes excluded.)

Why should my student take college-level classes in high school?

By taking college-level classes in high school, your student can earn their Associate or Bachelor’s degree faster. Since dual enrollment classes do not cost the student anything, they will save you money on their college education. Finally, Dual Enrollment helps students have a healthy transition to college-level coursework, setting them up for success in their higher ed journey!

Are dual enrollment classes better than AP classes?

Dual enrollment classes can better prepare your student for college because they are taught by instructors qualified to teach freshman and sophomore college courses. And unlike AP classes, earning college credit through Dual Enrollment is a sure thing. Students who place into credit classes and who do the work will get credit.

Will taking college-level classes in high school be too much work?

Your student can take as many dual enrollment classes as they can manage based on their schedule. For CCPS students, it is “mod for mod.” For example, if your student is missing two classes in their high school schedule, they would enroll in two college-level classes. If they have any difficulties in a college-level class, they can get extra help from free tutoring offered through Carroll’s Academic Center. (Dual Enrollment students also get full access to Carroll resources like the college library, the career development center and wellness services.)

Is there reliable transportation available to/from Carroll?

If your student doesn’t have any means of transportation to get to our campus, they can also take select college classes online or even in their high school!

Dual Enrollment: A Faster Track Towards Success

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