• The college provides several measures to prevent emergencies from occurring.

  • Safety Tips

    Keep yourself and your property safe by practicing these safety tips.

    • Use the buddy system and walk with a friend to your car, or contact a Campus Police Officer to escort you to your car. 
    • Have your key ready as you walk to your car.
    • Look around, under and inside your car before you unlock it.
    • After entering, lock doors immediately.
    • Never open your door to strangers.
    • Do not hitchhike or pick-up hitchhikers.
    • Be aware of the people around you.
    • Lock valuables in your trunk.
    • Always remove the keys from your vehicle and lock the doors when it is unattended.

    Campus Police Escort Service to Vehicles

    Campus Police Officers are on campus whenever the college is open. You may request a security escort to your vehicle by contacting the Information Center or by dialing (410) 386-8123

    Theft Prevention

    Do not leave valuable articles unattended. Keep possessions with you and within sight at all times. Keep your car doors locked and your valuables out of sight or stored in the trunk of your vehicle.

    If a theft occurs, notify a Campus Police by calling x8123 or 410-386-8123 as soon as possible.

    Security Cameras

    The college has security cameras strategically located inside and outside of the buildings, which are monitored by Security.