Disability Support Services

  • At Carroll, we are committed to making academic learning and personal growth as accessible as possible for every student. We believe everybody deserves equal opportunity for success, and to this end the College fosters an environment sensitive to every student's needs and unique circumstances.

    Follow the instructions on this page for current students to make an accommodations/services request of the Disability Support Services office.

  • Request Accommodations/Services

    1. You must provide written documentation of your disability to verify eligibility for formal accommodations.  Documentation can be submitted to the Disability Support Services by mail, email, fax or in person to A101.

      Documentation should include a clear description of the disability and the nature and extent of its current impact on your learning, assessment information on which the diagnosis is based (when possible), and recommendations for reasonable accommodations appropriate to the college setting.

      Documentation must be current (within the past 3-5 years); however, some exceptions may be considered on a case-by-case basis. For students who may have difficulty in obtaining up-to-date documentation, contact the Disability Support Services office to discuss options and other available resources.  

      Documentation should be provided at least three weeks prior to the start of the term.
    2. After submitting your documentation, you must schedule an appointment with a Disability Support Services staff member to discuss your  disability and the types of reasonable accommodations and support services you may need.

      At that time, you and Disability Support Services staff member decide on reasonable and appropriate accommodations, review the process by which accommodations are requested and provided each term, and review the rights and responsibilities of  your use of accommodations.  The office prepares a memorandum (Learning Strategies) for each instructor, which specifies the accommodations to be provided, as supported by the documentation. You are responsible for providing copies of the memoranda to your instructors as early as possible for  each term. 
    3. Throughout the term, Disability Support Services staff is available to assist you and your instructors in implementing accommodations as they relate to specific course requirements. The staff is also available to discuss academic progress/concerns and provide assistance with organization, advocacy, time management, study and test-taking strategies, and reading and writing skills. Additionally, information is offered about other resources (e.g. tutoring, testing and counseling services).

    Documentation Requirements

    • Documentation needs may vary by disability type and other case-by-case circumstances.
    • The requirement for current documentation does not apply to physical or sensory disabilities of a permanent unchanging nature. 
    • In the event of questions or concerns about the age, availability or appropriateness of documentation, contact the Disability Support Services office to discuss your specific needs and documentation, as special circumstances may warrant individualized consideration.  
    • If documentation is lacking, you are given the opportunity to provide the needed information. As a courtesy, the college offers a list of agencies and practitioners qualified to conduct assessments. The college does not endorse any agency or practitioner.
    • All documentation the college receives is confidential and is not shared without your written permission.

    The college maintains the right to make the final decisions in regard to reasonable accommodations/learning strategies.

    Submitting DocumenTation

    Submit your confidential documentation in a sealed envelope with your contact information included.  

    • Send your documentation to: 

      Carroll Community College
      Office of ADA Support Services
      1601 Washington Road,  A101
      Westminster, MD  21157

      Fax # 410-386-8428

    • Deliver your documentation to the Director of Disability Support Services, Joe Tatela, in A101.
  • disability support services
  • Please contact our office at

    Kiersten Meyers, Assistant Director, Disability Support Services

    Joe Tatela, Director of Disability Support Services

    Mon - Thu: 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
    9:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. (drop-in hours)

    Fri: 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. (by appointment only)

    Other hours are available by appointment. Call 410-386-8329.
    In Maryland, dial 711 for TTY/TDD Text Relay Service via Maryland Relay.