G: Gaining Self Awareness

  • Goals

    Self Learning is the first step in career decision making. Careers are more than jobs; they are how individuals define themselves to the world through work.  Consider the following:

    • Interests: Knowing what you like and how you like to spend your time
    • Abilities: Identifying your strengths, skills, academic background and talents
    • Values: Defining what work tasks, environments and outcomes are important to you
    • Personality: How the work fits your decision, organizations and problem solving style

    Unsure of the answers to any of these? You may want to consider taking a career assessment. Many assessments are based upon the Holland Code, which identifies six primary interest areas. Careers and work environments are suggested based upon a combination of three interest areas.

    The six personality and work environment types are:

    • Realistic: practical, hands-on, physical work, tool/manual orientation
    • Investigative: analytical, intellectual, scientific, theory based
    • Artistic: creative, original, independent, outside the box thinking
    • Social: cooperative, supporting, helping, people centered
    • Enterprising: competitive environments, leadership, persuasive
    • Conventional: detail-oriented, organizing, clerical
  • Self-Assessment

    Focus 2 is the online assessment measuring interests, skills, values and goals. This resource provides information to select relevant majors and careers. Access Focus 2 by:

    • Click on first time user
    • Access Code: CareerStart
    • Create Account: Save password and user id

    This resource lets you assess your interests, skills, values and goals to help you select the right major as you plan your career.  Once registered take recommended assessment of interests, abilities and values as well as academic strengths. 

    As you review your results, you may be surprised by some of the identified job titles and by those that do not appear, yet interest you. Don’t worry! You can still search for the majors/careers of interest. You do not have to enter a career that does not interest you, even if it appears on the list.

    Exploring the Possibilities

    Use your Self-Assessment results to start exploring your options.