L: Launch Your Career With Job Searching

  • Launching your career requires time, energy and preparation. Employers receive responses from hundreds of candidates for any one position. Your challenge is to think of yourself as a unique product and apply basic marketing principles in the creation of a proactive and strategic approach. Developing your resume or portfolio, preparing for the interview process, utilizing social media, conducting research and identifying potential employers are important strategies in your job search.

  • Resume Preparation

    Employers typically take 10 to 30 seconds to screen resumes for interviews. To make the cut, your content and layout need to be clear, concise and targeted to the specific job for which you are applying. You need to think of your resume as a marketing tool that demonstrates how you meet the needs of your potential employer. In addition to the resume tips below, you can find thousands of resources online and in the Career Center, or plan to attend an upcoming workshop or resume critique.

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    Interview Preparation

    Interviewing is the most significant step in your job search. The time you’ll spend with a prospective employer in landing a position is crucial. However, many people do not spend enough time preparing for the interview process. Sometimes anxiety and avoidance may precludes individuals from preparing; in other cases, people take an overconfident attitude that they “speak well” and don’t need the preparation. Both attitudes typically yield poor results. The interviewing information below lists a variety of tips for you to consider before, during and after the interview.

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    Social Media

    Social media has become an increasingly important tool in connecting you with professionals, recruiters and potential employers. The Career Development Center offers tips and workshops each term on how to use the three most common social media sites (Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter) as part of a comprehensive job search strategy.

    Carroll Links

    Carroll Links  allows you to easily register, search and apply for jobs. You can also manage multiple resumes and cover letters to suit individual applications. Add documents to your account such as work samples, purpose statements and transcripts so you can easily use them when submitting applications to employers as well as transfer schools.

    Job Sites

    Search online job listings both regionally and nationally.