S: Sum It Up With A Career Plan

  • Pulling it all together to make a decision.

    Now that you have learned about yourself, about majors, and career options, consider the following:

    1.  Long term goal: (current interest area/major/career title)
    2. List three specific strategies to get to there? (courses, schools, etc)

    3.  Identify two resources/people you need to support your plan. 
    4. What will you do to get these resources in place and by when?
    5. What can you do to gain relatable experience in this area? Be specific.
    6.  What is your next step in the next 30 days to make any of these happen?
    7.  What challenges/barriers might get in the way of your moving forward? 
    8.  What is one step in addressing this challenge?

    Consider your transfer options.