Transfer from Carroll

  • Deciding on your transfer destination as soon as possible is very important so you can ensure a smooth transfer process. Carroll has many transfer agreements (hyper link these words to the agreements page). In addition, Maryland Law (hyper link this to transfer legislation).

    To help you decide on your transfer destination the Advising office has transfer events (hyper link this to transfer events). Your dedicated advisor can also help you map out a transfer pathway to any college or university. Four-year schools have different deadlines and procedures from community colleges, so it is important to plan ahead to make sure you can transfer seamlessly after you graduate.

    Transfer Resources


    ARTSYS helps you plan for transfer to four-year institutions in Maryland. It offers information on available majors, course equivalents, transcript evaluations and recommended transfer programs. Some institutions are better than others with timely and accurate updates, so it's best to use ARTSYS with an adviser.