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  • Mary Kay Nevius-Maurer, Chairperson
  • David P. O’Callaghan, Vice Chairperson
  • David S. Bollinger
  • Sherri-Le W. Bream  
  • Diane A. Foster
  • Kelly M. Frager
  • Greg W. Kahlert
  • Dr. James D. Ball, Secretary-Treasurer
  • County Commissioner, Ex-officio   
  • Dr. James D. Ball, President of Carroll Community College

The Board of Trustees, consisting of seven members, is appointed by the Governor of Maryland under Article 16, subtitle 2 of the Annotated Code of Maryland. The members of the board of trustees have legal authority only when the board is in formal session with the prescribed majority quorum. Chosen from among the citizens of Carroll County, board members come from various communities in the county. They represent a range of educational, economic and professional backgrounds.

The board’s primary function is to establish the policies that govern the College and to see that the institution fulfills its mission and goals. The board of trustees performs its responsibilities of appointing a chief executive officer, making policy, providing advice on major issues, and providing stewardship of the institution’s assets. They are also responsible for approving the academic programs offered by the College and for assuring that the highest possible academic standards are met. The board provides oversight of the financial status and management of the institution. The Board of Trustees appoints a President of the College who serves as the chief executive officer of the College and secretary-treasurer for the Board of Trustees.

The board officers consist of a chair, vice-chair and secretary/treasurer. By law, the College president serves as the secretary/treasurer to the board. The board meets monthly in an open, public session. Copies of the agenda and minutes are distributed in designated areas of the College. On special occasions, the board may elect to meet in private executive sessions, which are convened typically for personnel and legal matters.

The board of trustees is dedicated to Carroll and committed to preserving the institution’s integrity.