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Student Ambassador Liz Carroll Community College

Program of Study

Business Administration





Fun Fact

A fun fact about myself is that I can drive manual! I also have a collection of over 100 squishmallows! 

Favorite Thing About Carroll

My favorite thing about CCC is the sense of family and community. All of the staff here are more than willing to help students succeed with their time here. Everyone is connected to everyone in some way here at Carroll. I love being a part of this community.

What Advice Would You Give to a Prospective Student?

If I were to talk to my past self and trying to figure out a plan for my future, I would remind myself that there is no traditional pathway to college. Take your time to figure out who you are, and what you want to do. If you feel rushed with making a decision, look into all of your options. I used to think that a 4 year was my only option after graduating high school and when I didn’t get accepted into the 4 years that I applied to, I realized that a community college gives you the same education and benefits of a 4 year, while staying on a budget and close to home. I am truly so lucky to have found a place like Carroll and even more lucky to call it a second home.