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At Business Solutions, we understand the critical role leadership plays in the success of any organization. Research shows organizations that invest more than average in developing their high-potential leaders see an 18% increase in leadership quality. Join us to empower your organization through our tailored management and leadership training.

Text and graphic from DDI Global Leadership Forecast Series HR Leadership Insights Report 2021.

Why Leadership Development Matters

  • Immediate Impact: Organizations need strong leadership to navigate today’s challenges. Our programs equip leaders with essential skills for immediate effectiveness.
  • Tailored Training: Experience a personalized, online program that blends best practice leadership content with online resources and 1:1 coaching, ensuring your success.
  • Recognition of Achievement: Complete the program to earn a certificate and digital badge, showcasing your leadership competencies.

Our Leadership and Management Programs

Emerging Leader Certificate Program

Designed for first-time leaders, this 12-hour online program offers key skills and 1:1 coaching to ensure a successful start in leadership roles.

Mid/Senior-Level Leader Certificate Program

For mid- and senior-level leaders, this 15-hour program addresses the complexities of leading in a hybrid, multi-generational environment with real-time executive coaching.

Custom Leadership Development Programs

Work with our experts to design a leadership development program that aligns with your organization’s specific challenges and goals. Whether for a small team or an entire organization, our custom programs are crafted to be flexible, scalable, and impactful.

Whether it’s robust instructional teaching or personalized training initiatives, Business Solutions is the ideal partner for your organization’s development needs.

Yvette R. Harris Chief Learning Officer, Maryland State Highway Administration

Why Choose Us?

  • Expert-Led Curriculum: Learn from experienced leaders and coaches.
  • Flexible Learning: Online and custom programs to fit your schedule and meet your needs.
  • Real-World Application: Turn insights into long-term impact with individualized support and tailored solutions.

Our Case Studies Speak for Themselves

Invest in Your Employees for Business Success

Discover how Business Solutions delivers unparalleled, tailored training programs to fulfill our requirements.