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DFAB-102 - Digital Sculpting
Digital Sculpting presents basic concepts and fundamentals of computer modeling, taking an artistic approach to the creation of 3D polygonal geometry. Students will focus on critical concepts of proportion, form, and translation of 2D designs to 3D figures. Various tools and techniques will be discussed, allowing for the creation of custom workflows and methodologies. No prior experience with 3D animation, modeling, or industry professional software is required. Prerequisite: Eligibility For ENGL-101. Two hours lecture. Two hours lab each week. Three credits. Three billable hours. Offered Fall term only.
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Digital Fabrication
Digital Fabrication*
Please see course description for all prerequisites.
Course Objectives: 1. Create artistic solutions that clearly express an understanding of principles of design and visual thinking (PG1, PG4, PG5). 2. Demonstrate understanding of tools, materials, techniques, and processes associated with Digital Sculpting (PG1, PG4, PG5). 3. Employ critical thinking skills in Studio Art and Art History (PG2, PG3). 4. Translate the unique virtual space of the computer into pre-visualized forms to produce objects impossible to create with the human hand (PG1, PG5). 5. Compare the production of their visual artifacts to other 21st century artists and artistic processes (PG3, PG4). 6. Use rapid prototyping technologies for hard-copy sculptures of complex three-dimensional forms (PG1, PG5). 7. Utilize techniques for merging diverse three-dimensional representations (PG1, PG5). 8. Apply computerized iterative design principles in which the development of processes and products is seen as part of a cycle of refinement (PG1, PG4, PG5). 9. Integrate distributed computer-controlled operations via hi-end data transfer, particularly in regards to CAD CAM design (PG1, PG5). 10. Assess qualitative issues with respect to design (PG2, PG3).to design (PG2, PG3).
Digital Sculpting
Course: DFAB-102 - Digital Sculpting