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HIT-270 - Professional Practice in Health Information Technology
Professional Practice in Health Information Technology enables students to gain practical experience in medical record coding. Students will work under the direction of an expert in the field for 60 hours. This practicum may be accomplished via field or virtual experience. The student will also meet with the on-campus instructor to place the internship experience in perspective. Prerequisite: HIT-222. HIT-270 should be taken during the last semester prior to graduation from the HIT Advanced Certificate or the AAS program and may be taken concurrently with HIT-223, but not before. HIT-270 enrollment requires approval of the program coordinator. Forty-five hours in an work environment. One credit. One billable hour.
Academic Level:
Health Information Technology
Health Information Tech*
Please see course description for all prerequisites.
On completion of this course, the student will be able to: 1. Read and interpret medical record documentation that supports selection of accurate and complete diagnoses, tests and treatment modalities. (GE.2, PG.1, PG.4) 2. Assign ICD-9-CM, CPT, and HCPCS II codes for diagnoses, procedures, and services related to inpatient, ambulatory, and physician-based records from a variety of medical and surgical specialties. (PG.5) 3. Demonstrate improved speed and accuracy in the coding of medical records. (PG.5) 4. Utilize encoding and grouping software for diagnosis and procedure code assignment, code editing, and inpatient outpatient grouping. (GE.4, PG.5) 5. Complete a data abstraction tool containing data elements that meet state or national reporting requirements. (PG.2)
Professional Practice in Health Information Technology
Course: HIT-270 - Professional Practice in Health Information Technology